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Art Direction, Branding, Packaging



The company wanted a bold, different, and graceful visual identity for a new brand dedicated to the manufacture, packaging and distribution of organic jams. The ultimate goal was to implement the new branding visuals in materials that should be used internally and externally, across all products and communications and also in materials to be used by the team members. The customer also asked me to participate of the naming’s process and that for me beyond being a challenge this was advantageous in coming up with fresh inputs for the visual concept. Being involved since the beginning of the project facilitated the creative process because ideas began to boil since the first meeting we had. The name chosen refers to the 90´s international hit in an ironic way, and that is what gave the motto to the whole image and communication of the brand.




Hand lettering is a good way to go if the branding goal is to stand out in the market. So, instead of selecting from an assortment of pre-existing fonts I decided on a hand lettering tailor-made logo in order to give the brand’s communication more expression and a human touch adding an ornate touch to the brand. The hand lettering technique made possible creating an original, expressive and engaging logo design, with a subtle brush stroke effect. The second step of the process was to decide which kind of typography could give the best results and and how to use it to evoke an emotional reaction. I immediately found out that a script lettering could give me the characteristics that I also find interesting and appropriate for this brand. Script letters are similar to calligraphy, giving a welcoming, warm, and soft touch to the letters. 



First, I used a pencil and I started to build the skeleton of the letters by simply writing out the words. After I changed to Micron pens, brush and a nib to create fluid strokes adding thickness and decorations. Than I scanned and used the Adobe Illustrator to vectorise my drafts and because I wanted a more natural look, organic and rough feel I used the Live Trace. Finally I freely edit the anchor points according to how I want the logo to look like.




I decided to use mainly five pastel colors. When viewed together, these less-saturated colors offer a soothing sensation that works well in large doses, contrasting prominent bright color blocking. This way I managed to get a “pop” look without seeming ordinary. Basically I used warm color contrasting cool colors in order to offer a sense of balance and to get a pleasing sensation to the eye. It was created a wide range of a complementary scheme that makes this palette extremely versatile, interesting and balanced. For example mixed a subtle and pale lilac background contrasting with a vibrant orange for the graphic elements for a more monochromatic design that still has a lot of energy.





The packaging is just as fun as its name. Although, depending on their purpose, they may seem more institutional, using soft colors and patterns, but equally fun, using the handwriting type in conjunction with NEUTRA, used as a complementary typography. 


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