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POSTER® is a public art and word exhibition which takes place on the streets of Lisbon. Words, photography, illustration and mixed media take on the poster format as their medium. An open air public gallery. It arises as a tribute to one of the most powerful media ever. This was the first medium in which art and advertising came together in symbiosis. Used to sell everything from soaps to ideals, posters have changed the world. And with it, they have changed the way the world communicates. They’ve created wars, heroes and the possibility of anyone decorating their walls with a piece of history.




The bold red provokes immediate attention and contrasts with the grey color of the concrete in the street walls.

Bebas Neue it’s a good choice for blocky, modern, and compact design. A free sans serif typeface with great readability and big character, enriching the brand’s identity.





The project started in 2016 and has already three editions. It aims to promote artists and bring life to a neighbourhood in Lisbon that was once abandoned. To give another life to these walls, the POSTER® invites some renowned artists such as Jessica Walsh, the Broken Fingaz crew and CW Moss to participate in this open air exhibition and also gives anyone the opportunity to participate in the Open Call, where each year 10 works are selected. After so much success came the need to create an online store where posters can be purchased.


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