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Art Direction, Editorial



The Lisbon Oceanarium turned 20 in 2018. To commemorate this date, the book “20 years -Oceanário” was published. In it, the history of the institution – when and under what circumstances it was born, and the socioeconomic context of the time – is also told, which is also the history of its founders, administrators and directors, architects, engineers, marine biologists and curators. the Oceanarium in the institution of excellence that it is today. Who are these people? What is your connection to the great public aquarium in Lisbon? How did they contribute to the institution’s success? “20 years Oceanário” intends to answer this and many other questions.



The graphic inspiration is based on the water line and the horizon. The emersion and submersion are the leitmotif for the visual construction and graphic design. Much of the book will it’s composed by archive photographs with the exception of portraits of interviewees.

Exploring the geometric shapes using them in playful ways and in different contexts brings even more expression to the pages. The simple lines are inspired in sea elements and the idea of submersion it’s constant.




The fact that the book is bilingual led to the choice of a neutral typography and at the same time with a very thin lettering. I decided to use Josefin Sans, a very elegant sans serif, inspired in Scandinavian design, bringing the perfect balance between the images and the headings. Besides preserving its readability in small text is also suitable for short taglines and large sizes. In the headings typography will undergo graphic intervention that suggests the immersion, the water line, the inside and outside.




Chromatically the predominant tones are the marine ones, from the depth above, taking into account their variants and gradations. The most emblematic color of the sea must be blue without a doubt. However  blue is the theme of our mood board inspiration because it is perfect to give a sense of tranquility. The chosen palette it´s a mix of strong and vivid blues with a soft and desaturated green to get something more dynamic.



In “20 years -Oceanário” we also wanted to explore this connection of our writers and poets to the sea by including poems and quotes that refer to the theme. The distribution of contents is presented by 7 chapters and throughout the book are included fun facts about the Oceanário de Lisboa.


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