Art Direction, Branding, Webdesign&Mobile

New Beat

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Art Direction, Branding, Webdesign&Mobile

The aim was to create a playful visual identity for a music festival called “new BEAT” a two-day design festival oriented for people interested in music and experimental art. During two days the audience could experience activities with the main focus on music, video art and performing arts. The branding design had to reflect the main theme of the festival and appeal to a diversified audience.



For this amazing project my role was the development of the visual concept and the key visuals. The glitch effect was the main inspiration for the graphic elements because we wanted the visual language to be experimental, disconcerting, unexpected and visually arresting. Based on this concept, I was responsible for creating all the graphic pieces and branding of the event.



For the logo I decided to go for experimental techniques developing new typographic shapes with the modification of pre-existing typefaces, using minimal geometry, creating a unconventional and intriguing attitude. The logo makes an interesting parallel between the experimental typography and the visual noise of the distorted images. All the visual language was rolled out across digital and print, including promotional print and video, merchandising, website and social media. Together with other team members I also developed several teasers and the official video for the opening festival.



The gradient used as background color is another graphic element of the brand with its own special energy. Instead of having a single color or shape, it embraces a vivid, energetic gradient, creating its own unique aura.

The color pallette was again inspired by


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