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Art Direction, Branding, Editorial, Packaging


Moon & Sun Hotels is a chain of elegant hotels handsomely located in the historical centres Portugal that provides comfort and excellent service in an intimate yet contemporary atmosphere. The decoration is aimed at comfort, allowing guests to feel at home while taking advantage of its prime location for an authentic experience of the city.




The light, the sun, the moon, the sunrise and the sunset were the source of inspiration for this branding. The light-dark contrast is present in several stationary pieces as well as in the materials used by the staff. In collaboration with architects copper was chosen as the main material for interior design and furniture. The color copper is also applied in the graphics elements such as brochures and business cards.






Another important feature of this identity is informal language and the use of phrases that refer to the sun, moon, dawn and dusk. It was used Quicksand, a sans serif typeface that brings simplicity and minimalism to the brand’s identity. This family includes various weights, making it quite versatile.



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