Art Direction, Branding, Tipography


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Art Direction, Branding, Tipography


Lop is a Portuguese company advertising in commercial marketing and / or trade marketing in the field of information and communication technologies. The logotype and signature already existed and only needed rebranding. From there on, everything was created from scratch to reflect the company’s new positioning.

The aim was to make a logo redesign that shows that the core business of the company was now divided into six services:

1. Lop point / 2. Lop cards / 3. Lop store / 4. Lop led / 5. Lop retail / 6. Lop health




The great device “smile”: made from the deconstruction of the logo is composed in order to form a “smile” in order to give the personality of the brand: warm, friendly, fun, open, optimistic and positive. The brand embraced the symbol of a smile to serve as an expression of identity. Based on this emotion, a graphic symbol was created based on a sequence of characters that express an emotion, a positive attitude that resembles the “smile”, usually used in informal electronic communication.




The most important feature of the “main” logo is its geometric construction. This kind of “improvised” typography was built from scratch like a Lego piece to give a better feeling of technology and the sense of a brand that is permanently under construction and in a rebuilding process. The animated version of the entire alphabet will be especially expressive in a digital context, showing versatility and freedom. At the same time the colors are playful and vibrant to show humanization and proximity. This wide chromatic palette it is a metaphor for growing and expanded services and fields. Each color is also present on the other six “sub-logos”.




There was no budget for producing a photo session, so all the pictures are picked from an image bank and the selection was based on a sense of welcome. The images should reflect the brand values and the shots should be simple, direct, using natural colour, no filters or light effects and feature real people instead of fashion models. The people captured, can either be looking off camera and they should look positive, approachable and natural with an inclusive target with an appropriate mix of race, age and gender.

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