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Art Direction, Editorial, Infographics


When working on LabDesign one of my favourites projects I was involved was a corporate magazine for Jerónimo Martins Group, a Portuguese corporate group that operates in food distribution and specialised retail. It operates more than 3,600 stores in Portugal, Poland, and Colombia.

Feed is a corporate magazine published by the Jerónimo Martins Group with the purpose of sharing a fresh outlook on some of the matters that will change or are already changing our businesses’ ecosystem. It´s a biannual magazine and I worked in editorial project for 5 editions. The edition #4 was called “Growth” to celebrate the Group´s 225th anniversary and because of that it was like an special edition.




Besides being responsible for the editorial design of the interior of the complete magazine my job was also to think on a visual concept for the cover.  To make it a special we decided to create an original typography from collecting organic elements such as vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, and different kinds of plants, herbs and flowers.



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