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Art Direction, Editorial, Infographics


When working on LabDesign one of my favourites projects I was involved was a corporate magazine called Feed. It´s a biannual magazine and I worked in the editorial project for 5 editions. FEED was one of the finalists of the PUB53 – Game of Golds, the World’s largest editorial design contest, sponsored by The Society of Publication Designers. Among those selected are publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine and WIRED.

Besides being responsible for the editorial design of the interior of the complete magazine my job was also to think on a visual concept for the cover.  On the edition #2 the chosen name was “Pulses” to celebrate the International Year of Pulses, in 2016. Inspired by this, we took the word “pulses”, dropped the final “s” and turned it into a whole concept that comprehends beat rhythm, pace, time, emotions, and, of course, the food itself.




The composition was made from the deconstruction of the shape of a pea on a plastic exploration has as its starting point the image of the album cover “Unknown Pleasures” by Joy Division, an image taken from The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy which shows a series of periods of radio frequency from the first pulsar uncovered. The cover was printed with holographic and lenticular finishing that simulates a spectrum of light and gives the sensation of movement.




Again to celebrate The International Year of Pulses we decided to invite a cook that would make 3 main traditional dishes in which the king ingredients are pulses, in a tribute to the historical importance and nutritional value of these edible seeds from around the world. For the first spread I decided to design the tittle using real pulses like chickpeas and different sorts of beans.



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